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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baconing the sweet.

It's a trend, lately, to put bacon in sweets.  Savory, sweet, salt...It makes sense.  If you've not tried a dark chocolate bacon bar...They're interesting. I can't say good, but definitely interesting.  And crisp bacon in maple syrup is divine!

Thus far, I've resisted the trend.  Despite encouragement, begging, even threatening, I've not made bacon chocolate chip cookies.  I've kept the bacon away from my brown butter toffee blondies.

But, like all good lines in the sand, this too was a place I knew I'd one day tread.

The Hungry Engineer leads the way, with Bourbon Bacon Blondies.  Booze, bacon, and toffee blondie?

Yeah, I went there.

I enjoyed.

I might even make them again.

And try out the bacon brownies.

Oh, and check out the lovely new bar pan!!!

And those lovely new plates, too!

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