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Friday, January 8, 2010


Took my picture to PS and worked on it there.  Think maybe I can figure out how to do something similar in Gimp, now.

This is Petrus.

Petrus is a gargoyle.  He currently lives on the counter in my kitchen.  The idea was to have him look more realistic, with the background and apple somewhat cartoon-ish.  I tried, anyway.  Some touch up on the background, as well.

And then...

Well, it made me laugh.  I played around with the highlights and shadowing.  I like it.  Might not be cool, but it's different.

And better than the other option for the day, doodles from my morning staff meeting...


Ressa said...

I like it. Does Petrus have a certain meaning (aside from being a gargoyle)?

Maven said...

The name? Not really, other than the link between Petrus and Peter (and stone, from there). I like gargoyles. He's one of three this size, and several smaller ones I own. The idea of stone protectors adorning buildings fascinates me, and I think their horrific expressions are charming.

Monkeyswag said...

Keep at it, Maven. Learning is great! It keeps the cobwebs out. I think you're making progress. The apple is particularly nice.