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Friday, January 22, 2010

Manhandle Mandelbrot

Close enough, anyway.

Fractal art is pretty awesome stuff.  There are lots of galleries full of amazing work--things you'd swear had to have been drawn, couldn't possibly be a generated image. A variety of colors, shapes...mind boggling!  The first fractal art I saw was created by a long lost touch friend, who made art on the side--she was a programmer.  I was bewildered, and spent days talking to her and looking at her work and trying to grasp the complexities of tweaking algorithms to behave for me.

Never really mastered it--math is not a strong point in my arsenal.

However, there are some really impressive programs out now, complete with tutorials to walk you through the process, letting you focus more on creating than on flailing blindly.

These were created (ha!) in the tutorial stages of Ultra Fractal.  I'm probably going to end up buying the program, just as a cool way to spend some time...this is the freebie stage right now.  ;)

Fun to play with, certainly!