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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok, it's food...

But this is more about taking the picture than making the dish.  A fellow foodie is taking up the challenge in his own way--he's going to take a picture of something every day.  I shan't out him here, unless he says I can (hint hint!!!) but out discussion today prompted me to take some more time in taking my pictures, and to add 'take better pictures' to my goals for the year.  I take a LOT of pictures, and usually end up with a couple that I like.  I think if I took more time to frame my shots, learned to use the camera better...Maybe fewer pictures would end up languishing in folders long forgotten.

Dinner presented me with some pretty contrasting colors...And the following shots.

Plain, simple...but the fork looks odd and I'm not happy with the flash shine. And I failed to clean the bowl, so there's a splotch of sauce within the blue.
Probably the best shot. The fork is more obviously a fork, the blue is clean of sauce and cheese, close enough to get detail without being as pr0nish.
Changed the angle a bit.  Left picture might be okay with some cropping, since the the bowl is awkwardly floating.  Right hand picture is ok, lighting doesn't really show the color as well, and the shadow from the fork bugs me. A lot.

Focus? Or not...

And the best of the close up shots, I guess. The cheese has a nice melty look, you can see the texture on the zucchini and there's a teaser of pasta peeking out from the carrot.  The fork is superfluous, but it doesn't really detract from the shot, maybe contributes a smigeon of depth.

Future photography efforts will include something other than food.  I promise.  Probably cats.  Maybe fish.  Flowers.  Beach stuff?  Oh...and important note...You can clickify the images to imbigginate them.

Edit:  I was given permission to out the Fruity Loaf!


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