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Sunday, January 17, 2010

So, in addition to making lots of food, taking pictures of said items is important. I'm still learning how to frame the shot, field of focus, etc. Food is a challenge (no, really--if you look into it, food photography is rough, and they usually resort fake food, or food substitutes that can take the temperature created by high intensity lighting!) I'm working with a point and special lighting...And real food, dammit! So, the limit of what I can do is learn to frame my shots, and get something more than on a plate. Here's the 'blah'.

Nothing wrong with the focus.  The framing is a bit off, but nothing some cropping can't fix.

Shot #2, working the angle.

Closer, from an angle we don't normally get of our food.  The reflection on the bowl is distracting, but the sour cream has a lovely creaminess, and the melty cheese drapes nicely.  Maybe a bit too much cheese...The beans and corn of the chili is pretty much hidden.

But still, it's just a bowl of food.

Shot #3.

Oh, look, beer!  And a spoon!  The additional elements help...It's no longer just food, it's a's's an event.  Granted, you lose the detail of the melted versus unmelted cheese, but without the angle the chili components are visible.  The shadow from the spoon and beer bottle is annoying though--should have killed the overhead light.

And my favorite shot.

Individual components of the chili: check! Depth and texture of the sour cream: check! Fewer elements, but more personalized with the hand (yeah, mine, whoop whoop). It's a decent angle, though I'd have been happier if more of the bowl was included. At least you can't see the edge of the bowl in far right corner, I guess. And the element of action, which I think really helps.

Not about the food...really! ;)

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