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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Steel Origami Bugs

Via ThinkGeek. The dragonfly and the grasshopper were the only ones in stock, but I'm going to search out the others...these are awesome!

Metal sheet, etched with the pattern.

Said sheet, minus the fun foldy-bits.


At rest in the wild.


Ressa (ressamac on Twitter) said...

That is so cool. I want a dragonfly.

My captcha was pronsest.???

FruityLoaf said...


Maven said...

Buy for me, mail to me?

Sigh...Having trouble finding them in the US. Might have to resort to you know where THAT will lead!

eHalcyon said...

AWESOME. I have a soft spot for dragonflies. I think I may have to pick one up...

Maven said...

Not hard to build at all. Took me maybe 10 minutes, and I was being kind of fiddly with the creases, tweaking the legs, etc.

Monkeyswag said...

I ordered one for a gift. It's too cool. Thanks for the link.