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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pan fried noodles, and the difference good soy sauce makes

So my fruity loaf friend and I discuss food and share recipes as well as sharing pictures.

The ants on a branch recipe is one we've both made, he more times than me (with pictures!).  First time, he used a better than average dark soy sauce, 2nd time he used something a bit more mundane.  He declared the first effort far superior, and pooh-poohed the common-off the shelf soy sauce.

Much to my dismay, as I was fairly certain that included my own!

Thus began a search for better soy sauce.

And more recipes, in order to try out my purchases.

Which leads us to pan fried noodles, with beef and snow peas.

Ok, not beef, since I prefer buffalo.

So, pan fried noodles with buffalo and snow peas, and foofy soy sauce.

It's awesome.

I'd happily eat the noodles and sauce, plain.  Yum!


FruityLoaf said...

check out

@ 1:30

FWIW I tend to use Pearl River Bridge sauce, not because of years of careful research, it just happens to be cheaper at the Asian grocery than Kikkoman at the regular local grocery store.

Maven said...

Alton is my hero. :D

Ressa (ressamac on Twitter) said...

would love your recipe for this, it looks yummy and which soy sauce did you use?

Maven said...

[url=]Recipe is here![/url] And I used San-J Tamari, which per Alton above really is brewed.