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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another gift giving day

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love giving gifts.  I really do--I find lots of things that I think 'Oh, this is PERFECT for XYZ friend!'  And because I have poor impulse control, I usually buy it.  I try to hold on to those things, so that I am prepared when an appropriate gift giving situation arises.

But, poor impulse control, remember?

Sigh.  Anyway...I do like giving gifts.  I am not sure I'm good at picking things out, though.

In my family, we tend to shop from lists.  Amazon wish lists are awesome--you can put anything, from any site, on the list.  Email a link, and friends and family can shop with confidence.  It's a good thing.  It means you  don't end up duplicating gifts, or worse, gifting something the recipient then has to return.

So, with Valentine's Day, the pressure is reduced in quantity (limited people to buy for) but increased in quality (VIP's make the list!).

My mom and aunts get flowers.  It's generic, but it's easy, and flowers are a happy thing that don't require the put on display for perpetuity.

Kids get candies and little games.

But Gavin?  Well, shopping for him is a challenge under the BEST of circumstances.  I think I managed to do ok.  We shall see.

I was totally impressed by the binary wrapping paper, downloadable from Binary Love Paper.  It's super, and easy to print out. Plusser Michelle Marie shared that, so thanks!

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