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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bending steel

More steel origami!  I've tracked down a source for some of the other models, and will be purchasing them...eventually.  It wasn't hard to find them, I'm just reluctant to open an account, since it would feed my rubber duck collecting habit...and that's maybe scary.

Anyway, back to bending steel!  The dragonfly was a piece of cake compared to making the grasshopper.  (and yes, that is said ala Kung Fu).

More pieces, possibly, but the addition of alcohol may be a factor as well.  Gimme' a break, it's Saturday night!  :D

Anyway, grasshopper (do you hear it at your feet?) is complete.

I, in my current condition, can not make his back feet touch the ground whilst simultaneously having his front feet make contact as well.  Call it and action pose, he's mid-hop.

Look at the determination!

Look at the focus!

Look at the shiny thing?

Ok, that's enough looking.  Night.


SkekTek said...

This is VERY cute! I love the mechanical insects... The bottom pic almost looks like there's an LED light where the mouth would be. Hmm. Maybe drill some holes in the eyes and place a button battery and an LED in there. Glowy.....

marzipanapple said...

That little guy is beautiful! :)