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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fruiting Bodies

Alternate title: Is there a mycologist in the house?

While living in California, I've had the chance to see a lot of new and rather cool things.  Growing up in Colorado, I'd never seen a live, wild praying mantis.  Nor terrestrial snails.  Nor tidepools.

I did see a lot of mushrooms and fungi, but never on the scale seen here. This pile is visible from the main road into base, and has been growing for a couple of months now.  I meant to go take pictures around Christmas time, but didn't manage it.

And because silliness is a good thing...

Kitchen ant explores!

Explorer duck shows the way


Ressa (ressamac on Twitter) said...

Great pictures! I borrowed the top one for my blog and made it psychedelic.

eHalcyon said...

Mushrooms are awesome. Did you manage to identify the species?

Ahh, I waited too long on those metal dragonflies. They sold out. I'll have to wait for them, I guess.

Maven said...

Bummer! The dragonflies are available from as well as the other kinds...We'll see how long I can hold out.

And no, I haven't id'd these yet. They're just so awesome and huge! I'm probably going to walk back down and take more pictures--I neglected to check my camera before leaving, and it didn't have a memory card in. On board memory bites.

eHalcyon said...

They're back in stock! Or, they were yesterday. I'll put in an order when I get home tonight. A little worried about customs and such (planning on buying a sun jar and a moon jar too :P) but ah well.

They also have that wood louse (?) back in stock, if you wanted to try that one!