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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Dear

Well, clearly trying this as a daily thing failed.


Other than all those things that must be done each day to keep living, doing something every day is more than I'm willing to commit to.  It was silly of me to try.

But, I'm going to give this another go.  Not daily, but I will strive for 2 weekly posts...and I'm going to try making those weekly posts worth reading.  Not just something slapped together in an effort to comply with a random expectation.  So, something that might actually be WORTH reading as well and enjoyable to read.

Thanks to DavBob and Mr Long for provoking me to try again.  Keep pushing!

The topic for today will be a continuation, however tenuous, of the flavored vodkas.  As noted by my Limey, we made our own flavored vodka.  It's not terribly hard--get vodka, get flavorings, add to vodka.  Set aside.  Wait.  Test. (That means drink!)

We made 2 varieties, ginger, and ginger lime.  We used Pearl.  It was on sale.  :)  Ginger was peeled and cut into matchsticks.  For the lime, rather than try using flesh, rind was peeled off zest was removed with a peeler.  Ginger was divided between two glass flask, and lime peel added to one.  Both flasks were shaken and retired to the basement for a week.

Ginger Lime and Ginger

Last night we tasted.  The ginger has a good ginger flavor, not as spicy as I expected, but nice.  I think I was surprised by the difference between ours and the Pinnacle Ginger vodka--apparently, the Skyy Pinnacle variety is sweetened.  The ginger lime was also good, but the lime flavor dominated.  I could barely detect the ginger--though this may be my palate, not the actual product. I really like the color or the ginger lime.  I'm not sure if using a better vodka would make much difference, though it's possible.  Other recipes advise filtering the solids out, but I don't think this will last long enough for that to be a concern.


Over all, though, I think it was a success, and worth repeating with other flavors.

We'll need more vodka.

*corrections based on comments.

**We'll need more vodka.  :)


FruityLoaf said...

To add my thoughts...

The ginger wasn't sweetened (The other vodka we'd had was the Skyy infusions I don't think Pinnacle make one) it also wasn't terribly strong, I think more ginger would be a good thing, as well as thinner slicing, and an infusing vessel with a larger opening. If we were going to filter, maybe mashing the ginger would suffice, otherwise a mandoline could very well be justified.

The lime wasn't peel, just the zest, carefully removed with a potato peeler, and I was pleased with the way it came out.

Time will tell if the flavor infuses more. the ginger was good on it's own, but would quickly be overpowered by anything you might mix with it, perhaps a martini with barely a fume of vermouth and a chunk or 2 of crystallized ginger?

But I'll say finding the most neutral vodka would help, and possibly something 100 vs 80 proof.

I think the next time will include apple or pear infusions too

Maven said...

Yep, corrected. Silly me. I knew it was not Pinnacle, don't know what I was thinking.