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Monday, May 31, 2010

The flavored vodka experiment continues

My friend on the other side of the country made a cherry limeade martini a few months back.  This began an adventure in vodka that continues today.

Flavored vodkas have been around for a long time, but recently the variety has soared, with most makers offering a couple varieties.  The quality of the vodka and the flavor varies widely. Most are best mixed--I think espresso and butterscotch are the only flavors we truly enjoyed as shots (so far).

Pineapple is my favorite so far. I've tried Skyy and Smirnoff.  Not surprising, the Skyy is better than the Smirnoff, but both are acceptable.  Equal parts ruby red grapefruit juice and pineapple vodka is yummers.

Vanilla and caramel are decent in cola and coffee.

Cherry--three brands tried, Three olives, Skyy, and Smirnoff--is good with juice, cola, and in the cherry limeade martini.  The Skyy and Three Olives are much better than the Smirnoff, and I prefer the Skyy to the Three Olives.
Strawberry Smirnoff, tonight's choice,  is not impressing me.  I've tried it in oj and cola.  It's interesting with orange, but not great.  Cola is a better combination but it still isn't fabulous. I suspect it would be decent in a daiquiri but I'm not feeling the need to go that far...frozen foofiness isn't the goal for me.

On the list: Watermelon.  Passionfruit.  I'd really like to find Herb's, since I think fennel would be amazing in a bloody mary.

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The Cooking Photographer said...

How cool you're trying all these vodkas! I want to try pineapple. I know I adore grapefruit vodka.