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Thursday, February 16, 2012

More for the 'huh' file

I don't claim to understand much about what other people do.

But if I pay to see a concert (or a movie or a play or any sort of performance), I am NOT going to spend the time surfing facebook.

Saw Carbon Leaf last night, at Maxwells in Hoboken, NJ. Granted, at $15/person it's one of the less expensive concerts I've attended lately, but that makes it more enjoyable to me.  I guess to some, it justifies spending the entire time staring at their phone,  surfing facebook.  Now, cheapness aside, to me this is unbelievably rude.  I don't know if the band could see these people, but I hope not.  I guess it's better than the people who spend the entire concert oblivious and making out (Seriously, eeew...he ended up wearing all of her lipstick...on his chin, cheeks, and nose), or drunk and shouting (Oh yes, little man, I can tell you are drunk, and if that drink slops on ME, you will be wearing the rest of it!) or conversing in shouts (And no, boys, your fashion sense is NOT fabulous, you look like hicks pretending to be metro).

Anyway.  Good show.  Not everything worked right--the mike kept cutting out, batteries were dying, the stage was cramped--but a good show.  Thanks, guys!

For a little perspective...I first say Carbon Leaf in concert in Santa Barbara in 2010. The day after the concert, all my belongings were loaded onto a truck, and the day after that, me, 2 cats, and the man I love started the drive from the West coast to the East coast.

A few bumps later, and we're still here, still singing along.

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Sheila Garl said...

Adding in--fiddling with your phone during a movie is beyond comprehension. $10.25 to sit in the dark, disturb those around you and check facebook?

Don't try it next to me, I will say something. Double grr!