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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hot Shot Quilt

And the Hot Shot wins!  (one person responded that they liked it, that counts, right?)

I'll end up making the others sometime, since I really love the Crackers Snackers pattern, but for now, I'm starting on the Hot Shot pattern previously posted.  I'm making it as a lap throw, since I don't really want anything bigger to keep and haven't decided if it will go on a shelf here, be sold, or given away.  Wait and see, I guess!

Fabric choices:

The colors will be the big blocks, the white will be the 'accent' and the smaller border.  Black for the larger border.  It's not a solid white, but a white on white.  My efforts to capture the subtle pattern failed.  The black has flecks, but in the pics it looks like it's lint covered. Not sure about the binding or the back, and honestly am waffling on the purple and blue.  Thinking I might dig around for some more green fabric and see if I have enough on hand to go with ALL green.  Hmm.

And, unrelated, but I completed my name tag for my quilt club.  Argh.  It's not great.  Have to include the guild logo, and since I pretty well suck at anything other than straight lines...not pretty.  But, it works.  And I can redo it later. So, you know.  Don't laugh too hard.

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